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Now is the time for action.

Yarra Climate Action Now! is an independent community group based in the City of Yarra. Our mission is to strengthen the City of Yarra’s commitments to the climate emergency by advocating for and demonstrating effective climate action. Join us in our fight for a safer and sustainable local community.
The Climate Reality

The climate crisis may feel daunting, but we can do something about it. We’ve proven we know how to make an impact and people are winning on a range of environmental issues in their communities around the world. 


Lobbying by YCAN was influential in the City of Yarra’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2017 and the formulation of its first Climate Emergency Plan in 2020. Our actions can make a difference locally and globally.

Join Us

How can I get involved?

Making a difference throughout the City of Yarra. 

Come along to one of our local events, workshops, or webinars. Learn how you can contribute to the climate emergency in Yarra.

We advocate for Yarra on a wide range of campaigns for action on the climate emergency and support them with local initiatives.

Whether it’s waging a war against waste or protecting our local biodiversity, join one of our working groups to take action for a particular cause you care about.

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See our latest news

Climate Protest

The time for action 

YCAN advocates for strong climate leadership by the City of Yarra and monitors their actions.
Lobby on a broad range of issues that strengthen local natural ecosystems and wildlife populations.

Advocate to Victorian and federal governments in support of climate and the environment

Making a difference throughout the City of Yarra. 


We are ordinary people busy with families, friends, work and study, but we put energy into YCAN because we know that taking action with terrific people lessens feelings of helplessness, and does achieve results!


Your donation will go to creating materials for our campaigns, helping with web hosting and other communications costs, and running events.

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