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Green tips

Image by Scott Warman
Image by Ello
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Tips to minimise your waste

Changes to how Australia manages their waste mean we all have to do our part in minimising how much waste we create. 


We know recycling can be tricky, there's a lot to know about what can, and can't, be recycled.  

Here's some information that may help you understand recycling and tips to minimise your waste!

But remember - you’re aiming for sustainable change so don’t try and do everything at once. Gradually introduce new habits into your routine, one per month. Happy waste minimising!


Avoid plastic packaging by shopping for dry groceries at bulk stores; there are many great options in Yarra including The Source and Friends of the Earth(and remember your reusable bulk food bags – I recommend Onya).

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Avoid single-use milk containers by sourcing milk in refillable glass bottles direct from the at at St David Dairy in Fitzroy. 

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Start a compost or worm farm for your organic waste (you can buy these at a discount from Council), or if you don’t have space find a neighbour willing to take the organics on ShareWaste.

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Replace personal cleaning products (soap, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant etc.) with plastic-free alternatives. There are many online retailers; some of my favourite are Biome and Ethique.

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Line your bin with newspaper using this origami technique

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Instead of paper/sticky tape gift wrapping, try the Japanese art of cloth gift wrapping called Furoshiki.

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Make sure you're recycling right! Not sure which plastics are recyclable?

Yarra Council has created this video to help.

Remember soft plastics can go to the Yarra Recycling Depot in Clifton Hill and, more controversially, to many Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.


Say No to Drinking Straws

Whether you’re buying a freshly squeezed juice, a lemonade or a gin and tonic, next time you order a drink say No straw, thanks!


And have a conversation about the possibility of banning straws or keeping them under the counter only for those who really need to use them.

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