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About us

Yarra Climate Action Now (YCAN) is an independent community group of volunteers based
in the City of Yarra that is committed to taking and inspiring urgent action in response to
human-induced climate change with the aim of minimising harm for all beings now and for
generations to come.

The time to act is NOW!


Our Values


We strive to be inclusive, democratic, collaborative, open and politically non-partisan.


We are committed to social justice and respect for all.


We base our actions on the latest scientific evidence and research and strive to keep ourselves well informed so that we can be effective advocates.


We have an action-bias, believing that hope is something that you can create with your actions.


We are ambitious, and will push for urgent and transformative change.


We support each other and value the psychological benefits of advocacy work, community engagement and collaboration.

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How we started

YCAN formed in 2007. In that first year we worked with Yarra Council on their zero emissions goal and ran stalls and letter-writing campaigns leading up to the Federal Election in November 2007.

We were dismayed by the lack of action from all levels of government in 2008, so in early 2009 we regrouped, drawing on the energy in the local community and the national grassroots climate movement.


Since then our membership and profile in the Yarra community has grown.

Our Goals

YCAN is committed to:


Fostering community awareness of the nature and scope of the climate emergency


Initiating and supporting community efforts that positively tackle the climate
emergency, by promoting positive and tangible actions.


Maintaining our strong relationship with the City of Yarra so that we can continue to
influence them to demonstrate strong leadership in climate action.


Engaging in wider campaigns to lobby State government, Federal government and
businesses to ensure that Australia contributes meaningful and urgent action.


Building our skills, sharing knowledge and encouraging members to gain confidence
in campaigning for climate action.

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