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Campaigns, Initiatives and Petitions

We add Yarra’s voice to a wide range of campaigns for action on the climate crisis and support them with local initiatives

Campaigns and Initiatives

Currently active 

YCAN initiated this to encourage food outlets in Yarra to stop distributing disposable plastic items, such as bags, bottles, cutlery, straws and packaging.

The City of Yarra’s two Roadmaps to Zero

The Climate Emergency Plan 2020-2024 (CEP) commits the City of Yarra to the aspirational target of net zero CO2-e emissions across the entire municipality by 2030.


Make a difference and sign petitions you care about!

The Great Barrier Reef is a long way from Yarra - but it's beautiful - and a critical part of the ocean infrastructure. Add your name to the petition to protect it - you and over 22,000 others!

Sign the petition here

Senator David Pocock is sponsoring a bill requiring politiicans to protect young people from climate change impacts when making decisions. 

Sign the petition here

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