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Cash for Containers Victoria

Did you know Victorians can now exchange eligible drink containers for 10 cents through CDS Vic? Go to for more information.

Drop off points are being added to the system Looks like the nearest reverse vending machine at the moment is:

Merri-bek Council Carpark 797-801 Sydney Road, Brunswick, VIC 3056 Open now until 7:00pm

Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

(From The Age) How to deposit containers - Do not crush cans, to allow the label to be read and the barcode to be scanned at the refund points - Containers should be emptied - The following items can be redeemed: most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres - Containers should have a 10¢ refund mark on the packaging. - Can be redeemed: beer and other glass bottles, liquid paperboard milk cartons, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and juice boxes over 150ml - Lids can be kept on - Containers manufactured before, as well as after, November 1 are eligible for redemption. - Cannot be redeemed: Generally containers that are less than 150ml and greater than 3 litres. Plastic milk bottles, cordial bottles, wine and spirit bottles, and juice or flavoured milk containers over one litre. - Many ineligible items like wine bottles, tomato and olive jars can still be put out in kerbside recycling bins.

For more guidelines, go to

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